Walking club helping hearts

Members of Brandon Park Walking Club recently had a double dose of helping hearts – their own and the hearts of others.

Walkers helped their own hearts with exercise, one of the most effective ways to improve overall cardiovascular health. And they helped the hearts of others through the generous donations made to the Heart Research Institute.

This particular Melbourne walking club is a community initiative that has been going for six years according to Federation Centres Marketing Manager Lauren Pascale. ‘It provides an outlet for customers to socialise while exercising and keeping fit’ she says.

While you may initially be surprised to learn that shopping centre based walking clubs are actually walking around the shopping centres, it turns out that this is in fact an ideal place to exercise. ‘The Walking Club is free to join, and provides its members the opportunity to exercise out of the cold, in the air conditioned comfort of the Brandon Park Shopping Centre’ says Lauren.

Free from the cold, heat and the rain the walkers start before the shops open when it is nice and quiet. Afterwards there is an opportunity for a coffee or some shopping. With a full lap of a large shopping complex up to several kilometres this can add up to a decent workout.

There are now over one hundred members of Brandon Park Walking Club and up to sixty attend their twice weekly walking and exercise sessions. All for free.

The Club is also is community meeting hub.  The members especially enjoy the social contact it provides them with other peers within their community. Members have become lifelong friends and provide support to one another.

Getting into the spirit of Valentine’s Day the Brandon Park Walking Club recently took part in a morning tea with the proceeds donated to a their chosen heart health related organisation - the Heart Research Institute.

With music pumping the walkers dressed in red for their exercise and even had a few onlookers.

The walkers, watchers and (later on) shoppers made donations to the HRI.

This was followed by the morning tea, provided by various shops in the centre.

The Heart Research Institute would like to thank the Brandon Park Walking Club for their contribution towards scientific heart research. 

If you are interested in donating or organising an event please call (FREECALL) 1800 651 373 or visit our website at www.hri.org.au.