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Your 2023-2024 tax receipt will be sent mid-April. Contact us if you need to update your details.

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Your career pathway in medical research

If you are looking to take the initial leap to work in science, or to continue your career in medical research, hear from HRI’s team members with their frank and personal stories.

PhD Student Manisha Patil

Manisha Patil talks through her career to date and how HRI has supported her with a research scholarship. She discusses the facilities and how HRI improved her research skills by creating a continual opportunity to learn.

Unit Leader Dr Xuyu Liu

Hear Dr Xuyu (Johnny) Liu talk about his career path into medical research and what it's like to work at HRI. Dr Liu discusses how his career in cardiovascular research brings great satisfaction and gives examples of the mentorship and support HRI provides for his career.

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Your 2023-2024 tax receipt will be sent…

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