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HRI is an internationally recognised medical research institute, with global collaborations.

It is a unique time to join HRI. The next few years have the potential to be transformative, with developments such as the $150 million Cardiovascular Disease Research Capacity Building Program backed by the NSW government in 2018, and HRI’s strong fundraising capabilities, which provide a reliable and independent source of long-term funding.

Our success comes down to our people. From our scientists and researchers, to our operations and fundraising staff – they all play key roles in ensuring HRI’s place as a world-leading medical research institute.

Positions Vacant

HRI is a centre of excellence in cardiovascular medical research affiliated with the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and The University of Sydney, located over two locations in Eliza Street, Newtown and the Charles Perkins Centre (CPC) at The University of Sydney. For over 30 years, HRI has been one of Australia's leading research organisations working to detect, prevent and treat heart disease. Through our research, HRI has made significant findings that have changed the way we live with and treat cardiovascular disease.

Legal & Contracts Manager

The Legal & Contracts Manager is responsible for working with the Institute’s research and operations teams to provide relevant support to the Institute. This position is responsible for the development, review, negotiation and effective management of research and commercial contracts. The position will also assist internal and external Legal Counsel to provide high quality, commercially focused legal advice to Institute staff across a range of legal areas including contracts, IP and technology as well as legislation and compliance. Find out more and apply.

Director of Commercialisation

This role will lead and manage the commercial interests of HRI by developing existing and potential research opportunities to generate commercialisation opportunities for HRI research. The Director of Commercialisation will be instrumental in developing partnerships with Sydney Local Health District, The University of Sydney, Charles Perkins Centre, other Medical Research Institutes, regulatory authorities, as well as pharmaceutical companies, and venture capital organisations to establish other sources of funding for HRI. Where required, the Director of Commercialisation will also represent HRI nationally and internationally focusing on developing and maintaining HRI’s Government, Academic, Industry and stakeholder relations. Find out more and apply.

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