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Aboriginal people typically have poor completion rates for vocational education (~30 per cent). Employment of Aboriginal people in healthcare services improves the cultural competence of those services. Our study designed, implemented and evaluated a seven-step model of delivery of vocational education for Aboriginal students.

More than 500 vocational education qualifications have been awarded to Aboriginal scholars using the seven-step approach with a 93 per cent completion rate. Qualifications have been awarded in a range of paraprofessions, including: dental assisting, Aboriginal health worker, cancer care, counselling, health service assistance, audiometry, legal services.

Current status

We are continuing this work with legal services (200 scholars, 2022–2026) and audiometry (2022–2026). Aboriginal workforce development is foundational in all of the Djurali research.

This project has received funding and in-kind assistance from the NSW Government, Colgate and the Sydney Health Partners (MRFF).


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