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Calum Nicholson has been working with the Clinical Research Group since 2018. He is the National Coordinator for an Australia-wide congenital heart disease (CHD) registry. The development of this registry has been ongoing since 2016, driven by the Congenital Heart Alliance of Australia and New Zealand (CHAANZ). This work is supported by the 2020 MRFF funded project “An Australian Study of the Outcomes and Burden of Congenital Heart Disease”. This work aims to provide a centralised registry for CHD patients to better understand the impact of CHD in Australia and its prevalence.

Calum’s previous work in the Clinical Research Group involved performing non-invasive investigations into vascular health to detect early signs of atherosclerosis. He has collaborated on several studies using these techniques, including comparing arm function after Repair of Coarctation of the Aorta, assessing the impact of high intensity interval training on early onset diabetes, and assessing cardiovascular risk in hypertensive disorders in pregnancy.

Before joining HRI, Calum worked with the Sydney Imaging Core Research Facility at The University of Sydney, using small animal imaging techniques to assist in a range of projects related to transplant biology, dental health and gut health.

Calum is currently completing a Master of Health Data Science at UNSW, where he is using geographical information and analysis techniques to assist with service delivery planning for adults with CHD. Calum has an interest in utilising a national CHD registry and data linkage to answer questions about health service utilisation and delivery regarding congenital heart disease.