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To celebrate World Thrombosis Day, HRI’s Thrombosis and Haematology Research Groups did their part to raise awareness of thrombosis – a leading factor in heart attacks and stroke – and our crucial research into ways to prevent it, by holding an information stand at Charles Perkins Centre, The University of Centre.

“The Heart Research Institute and the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital participated in the International Campaigns to Promote Awareness for Thrombosis,” says Dr Freda Passam, Haematology Research Group Leader at HRI. “Patients attending the Thrombosis Clinic at the Charles Perkins Centre shared their ‘clot stories’ with HRI/CPC researchers and RPA pharmacists dedicated to finding new ways to prevent and cure thrombosis. Many people came away from the stands knowing more about how to prevent clots, recognise signs of thrombosis and willing to donate blood to enhance research to overcome this significant health problem.”

Blood donations vital for research

The day was also a great opportunity for HRI to call for blood donations from the general public. Blood donations are key for continuing our investigations into new anti-clotting approaches to prevent heart attack and stroke.

“We need a donor a day at the moment to do all the testing needed to advance this exciting research,” says researcher Jessica Maclean.

FAQs about donating blood

Donors must be:

• Aged between 18 – 60 years

• Not currently taking anti-clotting or anti-inflammatory medication, including aspirin and ibuprofen.

We can accept some donors unable to give blood at the Australian Red Cross Blood Service, eg, if you previously lived in the UK. Contact us to find out more.

What do I give?

Donors give 50 – 200ml of blood per donation. Donors may donate up to once every 2 to 3 months.

What do I get?

Donors will receive reimbursement for travel/parking costs for each donation.

Where can I donate?

The Charles Perkins Centre, Building D17, John Hopkins Drive, The University of Sydney, Camperdown

When can I donate?

Appointments are available Monday to Friday.


Every donation to the Heart Research Institute is an investment into the lives of millions.

Help us to make a long-lasting difference by donating now.

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