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HRI’s Dr Anna Waterhouse joined Professor Paul Weiss from UCLA and Dr Shelley Wickham from The University of Sydney, Schools of Chemistry and Physics, to discuss nanoscience and taking health and medicine to the next level at a public lecture held by Sydney Ideas together with The University of Sydney Nano Institute.

As keynote speaker, Professor Weiss shared his insights into the wide-ranging applications of nanotechnology in fields such as neuroscience and microbiome studies.

Drs Waterhouse and Wickham are leading a project at the Nano Institute to build autonomous, programmable nanorobots – smaller than cells – that can navigate through the human body. Their goal is to see inside even the narrowest blood vessels, to detect the atherosclerotic plaques that signal the start of cardiovascular disease.

“This work has the potential to allow early diagnosis and treatment to prevent cardiovascular disease burden on the community,” Dr Waterhouse says.

Dr Waterhouse also received the University of Sydney Robinson Fellowship for this work.


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