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HRI is an internationally recognised medical research institute, with global collaborations.

Our success comes down to our people. From our scientists and researchers, to our operations and fundraising staff – they all play key roles in ensuring HRI’s place as a world-leading medical research institute.

Positions Vacant

Postdoctoral Scientist (Molecular Biologist) – CVD

HRI is seeking a post-doctoral Molecular Biologist to contribute to innovative and collaborative research programs with a focus on cardiovascular genetic approaches to better understand the biology of the vasculature. The position would be within the Atherosclerosis and Vascular Remodelling (AVRG) group, that uses genetic mouse models, lineage tracing, clonal analysis and primary cell culture to elucidate mechanisms. It is creating new murine models to mimic vascular disease in humans to be used to assess progression of CVD, and to assess therapeutic targets that promote regression. The Molecular Biologist would also support other groups in HRI in collaborative projects that require particular expertise in genetic techniques. This role is based in Sydney, Australia. Find out more and apply.

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