Scientists awarded at international conference

Awards and Achievements
Two HRI scientists have been presented with awards and two scientists selected to give additional oral presentations at a competitive international conference, proving the importance of the HRI as a lead research body on the world stage. 

A number of our researchers from the Inflammation and the Free Radical Group travelled to Boston for the Society For Redox Biology Conference to present their recent, unpublished data. The conference, which took place from 18-21 November, attracted around 500 scientists, mainly from within the Americas.

Cassidy Moeke, a final year student in the Free Radical Group was awarded a Travel Grant, while Dr Carmine Gentile, a Marcus Blackmore’s Fellow in the Free Radical Group, was awarded a Young Investigator Award, following on from the Travel Grant he was awarded at the same conference last year. 

"It was a great surprise and encouragement for me to receive two awards in consecutive years for my work on blood vessel (2014) and heart (2015) development and regeneration focusing on nitric oxide, a natural molecule found in our body," said Carmine.  

Professor Clare Hawkins, HRI’s Scientific Director, and Maryam Karimi, a student in the Free Radical Group, were selected to give oral presentations. 

“All abstracts submitted are subjected to blinded peer review by two external assessors, and only top scoring abstracts attract awards and are selected for oral presentation,” said Professor Clare Hawkins. “With so many abstracts submitted and so few speaking opportunities, these are huge achievements for our scientists.” 

“It’s rare for anyone outside the Americas to be selected for awards so a big congratulations to Cassidy, Carmine and Maryam, and also to the Institute as a whole,” she said.

Cassidy, a young Māori scientist, who joined the HRI in 2013, said: "Attending one of the more premier meetings for oxidation research was a great experience and provided me with the opportunity to learn from and meet some of the leading researchers in my field.”

"It was an exciting and rewarding experience to share my work with an international audience. To receive a Young Investigator Award at such a premier meeting was surprising given how competitive and rare it is for anyone outside of the Americas to receive this award."

Congratulations Cassidy, Carmine, Clare and Maryam. 


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