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Glowing stem cells mend broken hearts

15th March, 2017

An HRI scientist is heralding hope for broken hearts with a cutting-edge tool that helps scientists fast-track exciting new therapies to mend damaged organs.

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HRI awarded prestigious Ramaciotti grant

8th November, 2016

Dr Sanjay Patel, Group Leader at the Heart Research Institute, has been awarded a highly prestigious 2016 Ramaciotti Grant to pursue his work developing a cost-effective therapy to prevent heart attack and stroke.

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Research leader recognised internationally for life-saving work

5th November, 2016

Dr Ben Freedman has been acknowledged at the Heart Rhythm Congress in the UK with an Award for Outstanding Individual who has contributed to Arrhythmia Services 2016.

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Preventing stroke in outback communities

5th November, 2016

A smart phone app that can detect heart abnormalities in just 30 seconds is being trialled in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities across Australia.

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Prof David Celermajer “Science is our only hope to save the planet”

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New drugs will treat cancer and blood clots in one blow

11th October, 2016

At the International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis (ISTH) 2017 Congress in Berlin, Germany, Professor Shaun Jackson presented his work on ‘Proinflammatory Function of Dying Platelets’.

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Smoking during pregnancy more damaging than first thought

13th June, 2011

In a world-first, researchers at the Heart Research Institute and The University of Sydney believe they’ve found evidence that women who smoke while pregnant affect their child’s cardiovascular health for years to come.

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