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Dr Yuping Yuan received her PhD from Monash University in 1994. She then worked in the Thrombosis Group, initially at the Australian Centre for Blood Diseases, Monash University between 1995–2015, and then relocated with the Group to HRI and the Charles Perkins Centre at The University of Sydney.

Yuping’s research focus is centred around the field of haemostasis and thrombosis, with a specific interest in platelet biology, signalling, death, and more recently the crosstalk between thrombosis (platelets) and inflammation (leukocytes). In her role as Senior Research Fellow, Yuping continues to be involved in the overall direction and supervision of research projects for postdoctoral fellows, PhD and honours students.

Awards and grants

2005 – 2007 NHMRC Project Grant as CIA

2004 – 2006 NHMRC Project Grant as CIB

2001 – 2003 NHMRC Project Grant as CIB

1999 – 2000 NHF Grant-In-Aid as CIB

1998 Postdoctoral Fellowship from the National Heart Foundation Australia (Top Ranked fellow, the

1997 – 1999 NHMRC Project Grant as CIB


2009 Prof Mark Cooper and Karin Jandeleit-Dahm, Baker IDI, Melbourne

2008 Dr Ben Kile and Emma Josefsson, Water and Elisa Hall Institute, Melbourne