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These are just some of the breakthroughs we are fighting to achieve – together.

Save people from suffering debilitating stroke

Stroke claims 10,000 Australian lives every year, and thousands more are left with life-changing disabilities. Up to 90 per cent of stroke sufferers have no emergency drug treatment option available to them, as the only approved drug for ischaemic stroke has many limitations that reduce its effectiveness and suitability for patients. Supported by you, HRI researchers led by Professor Shaun Jackson have developed an anti-clotting treatment that offers new hope to stroke sufferers – the treatment has the potential to improve blood flow to the brain following stroke onset, reducing associated death and disability.

Protect people from blood clot risk

In an Australian first, HRI led a pilot study seeking to find biomarkers for blood clot risks in patients who have been given the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine. Patients were screened 10 days after their first injection to determine their risk of developing a rare blood clot from the vaccine. With your support, Dr Freda Passam spearheaded the study and says it will help understand why some people are more susceptible to blood clotting than others, so that preventative treatment can be taken to protect them.

Uncover a silent sleep danger

Thanks to your support, HRI’s Dr John O’Sullivan is forging new ground in a relatively new field of study, metabolomics, to reveal that people who smoke and also have sleep apnoea are putting themselves in even greater danger of future health complications. This insight into how one disease is linked to another, like in this case the consequences of sleep apnoea and heart failure, adds to the body of knowledge needed to protect people from cardiovascular disease.

Thank you for saving lives.

One in every 20 Australian adults is affected by CVD. Every 18 minutes, one family loses a loved one to CVD.

Your support is vital to keeping our scientists in the labs so they can keep fighting to protect the community from heart disease.

Take a virtual walk through our world-class research facilities to see first-hand the impact you have had in ensuring our labs are at the cutting-edge of technology, so that we can continue making groundbreaking discoveries.

You are critical to the fight against cardiovascular disease.

Over 70 per cent of the funding for our life-saving work comes from donors like you. Your generosity allows us to continue our research today – for the treatments and cures of tomorrow. Thank you.

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