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We have developed a revolutionary new class of clot-busting drug to treat stroke.

How can you help?

The majority of strokes are due to a blood clot blocking blood supply to part of the brain, starving it of oxygen. Our drug, when combined with existing stroke treatments, dissolves the blood clot better than the existing drug alone.

Most importantly, our drug has the potential to be used in all people who suffer a stroke.

We need to manufacture our drug, test the dosage in our trial participants, and conduct imaging scans and other tests. These processes are incredibly expensive.

With a small donation, you can help us turn the potential of our life-changing drug into reality. Just $25 will fund 1 dose of our clot-busting drug, and $100 will fund an imaging scan of a trial participant.

We need to raise $50,000 to complete the next step ahead of our Phase II clinical trial. The sooner we achieve our target, the sooner we can treat the thousands of people every year who suffer a stroke.

Support our crowdfunding campaign

You can be part of our fight against stroke by donating to our crowdfunding campaign, Donate a Dose. Click the button below to go to our crowdfunding page, where you can show your support, as well as keep up to date on the campaign's progress.


Every donation to the Heart Research Institute is an investment into the lives of millions.

Help us to make a long-lasting difference by donating now.

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