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Cancelling your monthly donation

You can cancel your monthly donation at any time by calling 0800 909 481. Altrnatively, you can choose to reduce your monthly amount or go on a payment holiday, pausing your donation for three months. 

Thank you for your ongoing support. In a climate of uncertain scientific funding, regular givers are more valuable than ever in giving our scientists the time and space to pursue life-changing investigations. A greater level of funding certainty adds significantly to the quantity and quality of our efforts. We value you enormously.

Every 90 minutes a New Zealander dies from heart disease. Many of these deaths are premature and preventable. No one can predict where the devastation of cardiovascular disease will strike next.

Thanks to supporters like you, the HRI has established itself as a world-class research institute and a hub for scientific excellence in cardiovascular research. Scientists at the HRI are focussed on understanding the causes and complications of cardiovascular disease and are at the forefront of conducting innovative research to prevent, detect and treat the world’s number one killer.

Thank you for allowing great science to flourish.