Our Global Reach

A global problem

Heart disease is the world’s number one killer. The World Health Organisation estimates that 17 million people around the world died from cardiovascular disease in 2008, and due to the growing epidemics of diabetes and obesity, this number is expected to surge to 23 million by 2030. This is a global health problem of epic proportions.

Our work travels far and wide

The Heart Research Institute recruits the best scientists from around the world and collaborates with universities and research laboratories in more than 20 countries worldwide. Our research takes us far and wide to present findings at international conferences and publish our work in leading international journals and magazines. 

In New Zealand, the HRI raises funds that go directly to our scientific research, while also developing research collaborations and supporting emerging New Zealand talent. 

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25 years of discovery

A hub for scientific excellence in cardiovascular research, the Heart Research Institute was established in 1989 as a world-class research institute to better understand the causes and complications of cardiovascular disease.